> Alaskan Cruise

Mount Rainier from the airplane coming into Seattle
Donna, Sheryl, and Chris with Seattle's Finest - in every sense of the word.
Donna inside the Parade of Pigs Workshop
Seattle at Night, Anthony's restaurant is on the lower right
Sheryl, Donna, Chris, and Michele outside the first Starbucks
Michele ordering an orange mocha inside the first Starbucks
Ben, Chris, Michele, Sheryl, Donna, and Taho at Pike Place Fish Market
Seattle's Pike Place Market- this guy was playing the harmonica, guitar, and hoolahooping - amazing!
Michele next to the 'Crabs as big as your head' in the Seattle Pike Place Market
Sheryl, Donna, and Michele Sailing out of Seattle
Canadian Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter - WOW!
Donna and Sheryl relaxing with a cocktail on the deck
Sheryl, Michele, Chris, and Donna - First Formal Dinner on the ship
Michele, Sheryl, Donna, and Chris getting ready to board our helicopter to Mendenhall Glacier
Michele on the helicopter
Donna on the helicopter
Sheryl on the helicopter
Landing at the dog sled camp on Mendenhall Glacier
Michele driving the dog sled - MUSH!
Blue of the glacier - the picture does not nearly capture the beauty
Michele, Dave (our Musher), and Chris
Musher, Donna, and Sheryl
Chris driving the dog sled - hold on!
Dogs at the dog camp - 11 Mushers with 27 dogs each is a lot of barking
Michele and Chris with our lead dogs
Chris holding a puppy
Sheryl and the puppy
Sheryl and Michele giving that puppy the attention it deserves!
Donna holding the puppy
Our Musher Dave and the puppy - what a baby!
Dog Sled Camp from the air
Beginning of the Mendenhall Glacier - I wish the camera picked up the blue color better.
Juneau from the helicopter
Michele and the Grizzly - or is it just a brown bear?
Skagway - White Pass Rail Station
Skagway - waterfall from the train ride we took into British Columbia - original mining route
Grizzly Bear - right next to the train
A pool of water on the snow - beautiful blue color
Lake along the train route
Donna, Sheryl, and Michele at the Red Onion Brothel and Saloon
Girls of the oldest profession at the Red Onion
Michele, Sheryl, Brothel Girl, Chris and Donna outside the Red Onion in Skagway
Royal Caribbean - Vision of the Seas
An Iceberg in Tracy Arm Fjord
Waterfalls in Tracy Arm Fjord
Sheryl finds out the hard way that they do not kid around with the signs on the decks!
Tracy Arm Fjord - Breathtaking views
Water like glass, blue icebergs, snow covered mountains, and cloud cover - this is Alaska!
The view from the back of the ship leaving Tracy Arm Fjord
The Drifters - on stage on the ship