> Belgium Trips

Delft - just loved this car!
Along the canal in Delft - Thanks Rich!
Delft - just another artsy take
In Delft - blue balls?
Michaelangelo's Pieta in Brugge
St Nicholas and zwarte piets in Brugge
Belgian version of clydesdales
Brugge Street
Square in Brugge
Fireworks outside my hotel window in Kortrijk
Kortrijk State House
That's right -naked ladies on the State house
All the fountains in Kortrijk were dyed red - not sure why
Twin Towers in Kortrijk
View from my hotel in Kortrijk
Gun Bunker from the beach
Big Gun overlooking the coast at Atlantic Wall
Gun overlooking the coast at Atlantic Wall
Passageway at Atlantic Wall
Wash room in bunker at Atlantic Wall
Nazi symbol on the wall in the bunker
Anti Aircraft Gun on Atlantic Wall outside Oostende
Greenland from the plane
Greenland from the plane
Glacier on Greenland from the plane
Brugge - my artsy take