> French Riviera

Cannes - Ritz Carlton - this is in the 1000 Place to Visit Before You Die - ch-check.
Cannes - at the beach
Cannes - Clint Eastwood handprint in the walkway around the main theater
Cannes - Mickey Mouse handprint
Cannes - Rupert Evert - Michele, notice the index finger
Cannes - Music and Lyrics en France
Cannes - Marina, many beautiful yachts
Cannes - I think Luau Larry should buy this for the angels!
Cannes - from the marina on the west side
Cannes - Oosterschelde, restored Dutch Schooner, charted by a group from Netherlands - nice folks
Cannes - view of the old city from the marina
Cannes - wonder what numbers 1 thru 4 look like?
Cannes - painting on the side of the building, looks like movie characters on balconies
Cannes - guys playing bocci in the park, watched them for about an hour - very animated!
Cannes - one of the film festival theaters
Cannes - sailboat in the sun
Cannes - from the marina on the east side
Cannes - Ritz Carlton from the marina
Cannes - sunset
Cannes - Martinez Hotel
Nice - this is the train station when the rail workers go on strike -no trains, no people
Nice - beach side restaurant
Nice - boardwalk along the cote d'azur
Nice - tower along the beach park - of course I will need to climb this later!
Nice - automatic car wash!
Nice - gardens at museum of contemporary art
Nice - Block head, huge art piece in front of musuem of contemporary art
Nice - museum of contemporary art
Nice - this was a hotel, popular w/royalty and celebrities, that has been converted to other uses
Nice - Monastery at Cimiez
Nice - sidewalk cafe
Nice - Negresco hotel, famous, along the beach
Nice - from the street - just love the palm trees and that blue water
Nice - boardwalk along the cote d'azur
Nice - Meridian Hotel, on the beach
Nice - art deco hotel on the beach
Nice - Sweet Jaguar outside of the casino, they line up the fancy cars in front
Nice - Casino Ruhl - funny, losing money is the same as it is in the US
Nice - sign at pet store - just for Alyssa
Nice - mini - just park those anywhere, this one looks like it was picked up and placed there
Nice - birds of paradise, just growing along the sidewalk
Nice - ferris wheel in the park near the beach
Nice - merry go round in the park near the beach
Nice - view of the beaches from the tower
Nice - view of the marina from the tower park - postcard, right?
Nice - on the tower
Nice - another bungee monkey bar
Nice - Coastline looking east
Nice - human sun dial - cool!
Nice - human sun dial instructions