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Monte St. Michel, France - Day
Monte St. Michel - night
French Big Boy?
Cathedral in Bayeux, France
German Armaments - Normandy, France
German Bunkers - Normandy, France
Monument on Omaha Beach, Normandy, France
Castle Hotel in Bonn, Germany
Cathedral in Koln, Germany
View from the City Wall in Oberwesel, Germany
Wine Festival - Oberwesel, Germany
Rhine River Cruise Boat
Boppard, Germany - Rhine River and Wine Country
River Rhine - Boppard, Germany
Marksburg Castle - Marksburg, Germany
Quiet street in Amsterdam
Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam
Amsterdam - Outside the Rijksmuseum
Picadilly Circus - London
London Eye
Big Ben and Parliament - London
London's Tower Bridge
Sinta Klaus - Netherlands
Oscar Wilde - Statue in Dublin Park
Carfax - Central Meeting Spot - Oxford, England
Oxford City Map - England
Oktoberfest - Munich
Oktoberfest - Um-pa-pa - Munich
Me with Luau Larry at Oktoberfest - Munich
Hard Rock Cafe - Dublin
Molly Malone - Tart with the Cart - Dublin
Hotel Del Coronado - San Diego
Global IT Team at Freisian Battle site
Wooden Ship from Freisian Restaurant - Netherlands
Opera - Paris
Arc D'Triumph - Paris
Eiffel Tower - Paris
Notre Dame - Paris
View from top of Arc D'Triumph
Roundabout at the base of Arc D'Triumph
Sign at top of Arc d'Triumph
Trocadero - View from Eiffel Tower - Paris
Eiffel Tower - Paris
Louvre - Paris
Gate at Buckingham Palace - London
Buckingham Palace
The Queen of England - Opening of Parliament
Americans at Buckingham Palace
Americas Cup Sailing in St. Marten